I disappeared.

Sometimes life happens, you think you can do it all, but you just can’t.  I know there are many people that keep a blog and have children.  I actually think most blogs I read fall into this category.  And I think I can do both.  But I couldn’t for awhile.  I was just getting established and then found out I was pregnant with my little girl. I am a MISERABLE pregnant person.  Just miserable.  I’ll have to write a post on that sometime before I forget just how miserable I am when pregnant.  I then had a c-section and had to deal with the healing.  When I was just starting to feel human again and get the hang of having a newborn and a toddler, I got sick.  Not just a little sick but really sick with c diff.  Then I started to feel more human and my little girl got sick with UTI, she was miserable.  And well then spring/summer happened.  Life keeps moving.

I’m going to have to work on figuring out how to reinvent my blog.  I am not quite sure the goal at this moment but I do know that I don’t want it to just fade away.

If anyone has any thoughts on what they would like to see here, let me know!  I think my current plan is to post my thoughts, food, crafts, and books/movie reviews.


More catching up… Dec 30th-Jan 19th update

Okay, here goes!  More playing catch up! Soon we’ll be back to the regularly scheduled blogging.  At least that’s the plan!

Dec 30-Jan 5

Ever year we try to get together with one of my friends to make cookies.  Normally this happens before Christmas but with the way things worked out it just didn’t happen.  We did end up going down and visiting and making cookies and tarts before the new year.  We made spritz cookies but then realized the spritz machine required batteries which we didn’t happen to have.  So we rolled them out and cooked them like sugar cookies.  The little man absolutely loved the owl shaped cookies!  He also managed to fall and bonk his head while we were there.  Why is it that he gets over it so fast and I feel horrible about it for days?  Poor kid.  He took it pretty well though.  Love him!IMG_0814I’ve been having issues with chiropractors for awhile now.  Anyone who knows me knows I left my last one because he was a bit of a jerk.  He was one of the best chiropractors I’ve ever seen so this was frustrating.  But NO one tells me or my child that my husband is mean because he doesn’t want my 4 month old getting chiropractic care.  I finally went and found a new chiropractor.  This one seems to have issues getting me in pretty quickly.  Schedules me but then when I get there tells me I didn’t have an appointment.  The person that works the front desk just seems annoyed to be helping me.  And to top things off if you haven’t been there in 60 days they make you redo all the paperwork including when things first became an issue.  I put someday within my first year of life, apparently that wasn’t the right answer.  Bah, whatever.  I’m in search for a new office that feels more welcoming.  I’m sure this guy is a fine and dandy chiropractor I just haven’t experienced it myself.

My little nephew had his 1st birthday!  I can’t believe he’s already a year old!  Crazy how time flies.  They had a nice gathering at their house.  I made him a neat little storage box with his name mod podged on the top in Seahawk colors.  His parents are huge football fans so they loved that.  I also gave him a coin set from the year he was born and the Chinese year of the dragon stamps.  Awesome little keepsakes for the year he was born.  IMG_1063Jan 6-12

This week we started a creative movement class at the YMCA.  Little man is really enjoying it.  They did a little dance, worked on jumping, did an “obstacle course” where they jump over dots, roll or somersault down a mat, crawl across the mats, walk on a balance beam and run around a cone, to end class we played with a parachute.  The little man is really interested in the parachute but a little afraid of it as well, I think as time goes on he’ll get more comfortable with it.  Little man is really enjoying having the time with other kids and seeing what people are doing.  As he sees kids do things he’s a little more likely to try it.

We made an unplanned stop at a local park we’ve never been to before.  The little man LOVED the “bounce”, aka teeter totter.  He had a blast. It was a bit chilly out but we enjoyed a little fresh air!20140106_115627(0)-1I headed off to the physical therapist finally.  I’ve just been waiting for the new year as I knew that my pelvis was already out of place but I also realized that I didn’t want to meet my deductible twice.  I have something called Symphysis pubic dysfunction, or SPD; this is where the ligaments that keep your pelvis aligned get too relaxed and it goes out of alignment.  For me, it feels like someone is stabbing me when I walk.  It’s not fun and I had this happen with the little man as well.  The PT did seem to help so that’s exciting.

It was another MOPS week.  We had a speaker in who talked about the various personality types and how to nurture those personalities without changing them.  Sadly this would have to be the week that we had to go help out in the little kids room as there weren’t enough workers.  Bummer as I missed the last two types and I’m certain that my child is one of those.

My dad celebrated his 40th year of working with the company he works for.  The company he works for took us out for a nice dinner via a limo ride.  Dad could bring five people with him, which is perfect as that meant my mom and then the four of us kids could all go.  It was pretty neat to get to go out with the just the siblings and parents, it’s rare that we get together without all spouses and kids.

So, I started going to counseling again.  I was incredibly relieved to find out that my counselor I saw when I was pregnant with the little man now accepts my insurance.  She works on cognitive therapy as well as mindfulness.  OH, why do I need a therapist?  Because I have crazy anxiety when I am pregnant.  Sure I have a little here or there normally, but when pregnant it’s just too much.  I like to think I’m normally a pretty grounded person.  I blame it all on the hormones.  I am better this go round, but having someone to talk to and help me learn ways to redirect my thoughts is so very very worth it to me.

We had our 16 week checkup, everything is going well.  This is one of the first appointments that the hubby wasn’t able to make.  We just don’t get up early enough to schedule appointments for times that work great for him.  The heart rate was a nice 145. The little man and I stopped and had lunch together for the first time as just us before the appointment.  It was fun and he was really well behaved (thank goodness since it was only me!).20140110_125803We finally announced our pregnancy to most people.  I announced it by posting this lovely picture on Facebook that was taken by Reed Photography, we love her you should check her out if you’re in the area.IMG_0238smallerOh… and it rained… and rained… and rained.  So the little man went out and played in the rain puddles for the first time. IMG_1286We went and had dinner with my hubby’s cousin and her husband.  He had a hockey game following dinner so we went and watched part of it.  The little man was glued to the glass!  Can’t wait to take him to his first Silvertips game!  Such a good time!20140112_200325Jan 13-19

We had our second week of creative movement.  The little man is enjoying it more and more!  He’s really enjoying having the teacher show him what to do and trying to do what she says.  I hope this says good things about him in school later in life. 20140113_104329 20140113_105502I have had headaches/migraines on and off since a few days before Christmas.  Not much seems to really help them.  I did manage to get in a massage which is always nice.  It helped my legs and such but my headaches are still just as crazy.  (The below picture is just because it’s currently one of my favorite pictures of the little man).IMG_1438I went out for a moms night out, we had a game night.  We played Bass Ackwards; it’s an interesting game, nothing amazing. The goal is to not get to start from finish.  You want to guess the wrong answer to the question on the cards.  The information is interesting, but the replay value isn’t great.  More important then the game though?  I got to spend a fun evening with some of the girls and that’s always nice!

We went and had dinner with my parents and then went out to dinner with some friends at the end of the week.  We kept busy.  Busy is good.IMG_1450IMG_1452I had hoped to get caught up this week.  But life happens and appointments happen.  So I’m posting this not quite caught up.  SO one more week of catching up and THEN we’ll get back to the regular stuff.  I hope.


Playing Catch Up… the rest of Decembers Recap

Time to play catch up!  I know my last weekly update went through December 8th.  So here’s the quick rundown on what all we did in December.  I can’t promise this will be short.  But I’ll try to keep it as brief as I can and include so many pictures that you don’t mind that it’s a wee bit long!

Week Dec 9- Dec 15

We had a busy week going to a play date through my moms group with a bunch of other little toddlers.  We also had our 12 week check up which included an ultrasound which is always fun (below is a face shot and a profile).  We went to swim, Nathan has continued to learn and do so well in swim.   We had MOPS this week and attended the last Preschool prep class of the session (and probably our last class for awhile).  He made a neat little clock in preschool prep, he was pretty fascinated with clocks at the time so he was REALLY excited about that!

IMG_20131211_1_4noinfo IMG_20131211_1_10noinfoWeek Dec 16- Dec 22

This week we were supposed to meet up with some friends at the park, they ended up unable to make it but we went anyways.  It was such a beautiful day at the park and the little man had a blast!20131216_102224-1

We had our friends over and made Christmas stained glass window crafts.  They turned out pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  The little man did his all by himself and is pretty proud of how they turned out.  It took him DAYS to finally get all the bits and pieces covered.  This was the first time he decided he wanted to put pieces on one at a time.  I did the red bauble and he made the blue one (he also did a tree and a star but I don’t seem to have a great picture of them, those are the ones he was more careful with paper placement on).IMG_9373crop

This week was his last swim class for awhile.  I decided between the cold and the fact that my swim suit is really not fitting anymore that I’m not signing him up for more at this time.  We’re going to start a new class in the new year that will keep him busy.  I’ll miss swim, I hope he continues to love the water when we do finally get back into going.

We made our annual trip up to the mall for Santa pictures with my dad.  One would think having Santa for a Papa would mean you WOULDN’T get pictures of a screaming child.  But the little man proves us wrong.  It’s all about that suit apparently.  The really funny thing is the entire time we were in line he constantly was saying Santa, Papa, Papa, Santa.  But then he got up there and freaked.  He had even visited Papa that morning and they played so well together.img011 img010The little man enjoyed his first real snow.  We had a little here or there before but this is the first one he really could go out in and enjoy.  He wasn’t much a fan of it though.  He did like the crunching sound it made under his feet.  He refused to touch it.  And the garbage truck went by which became the ONLY thing worth being outside for.  IMG_9500This year we decided to do Christmas slightly different with my family.  We went and had our present opening and a small get together with my parents before Christmas (we still got together on Christmas, we just did an extra gathering to make Christmas more enjoyable).  It was a much more relaxed present opening experience for us and the little man.  It was nice to see what all we got and enjoy my parents expressions when they opened the presents from us as well.  The little man picked out a bow for his head and called it a hat; he checked all day to make sure his hat was still on.  We’ll keep this new Christmas before Christmas gathering up for a while as it’s just so much easier with the little ones!IMG_0044

Last but not least we went on an Argosy cruise.  I’ve never gone and always wanted to.  My Dad happens to be a Santa for them so that made it pretty special.  I wouldn’t say I was feeling my best that day but we had a blast.  The little man LOVED seeing all the boats and lights.  Good times for sure!img009 IMG_0146 IMG_0142Dec 23-Dec 29

For the last two years we have spent Christmas eve eve and Christmas eve at my in-laws.  We figure going over and staying the night gets us a decent visit in and we aren’t rushing to get back home.  We want to make sure that the little man gets to enjoy all the gatherings and it’s not just rush rush rush.IMG_7865-Edit IMG_7845-Edit

Christmas day we had a fairly un-rushed morning at our house opening presents and enjoying the train table that the little man got from Santa.  We tried not to go too crazy on the presents around this house (the rest of the family goes crazy enough for all of us).  Here is a picture of everything he got from Santa and mom and dad.IMG_0492

Next we went over and had Christmas with my family.  It’s always awesome getting all the siblings and grandchildren together.  I sometimes wish we actually did more together then just open presents and eat the yummiest “breakfast” ever.  But it’s fun none the less.  Below is the picture I took after Christmas including everything he got from everyone else.  This child is so spoiled.  We need another house just for his stuff.  I kid.  But really… WOW.IMG_0616Somewhere in all the crazieness that is Christmas the little man turned 21 months old!  He’s getting so grown up already. IMG_0735Our last Christmas gathering was dinner at my Fathers.  We had a nice prime rib and a bunch of other yummy stuff.  Visited with the sisters and played a little skipbo.  I love a good card/board game.

Thanks for bearing with me while I catch up.  Sorry this post is crazy long.  But it just had to happen.  Look forward to a January update soon (don’t worry it shouldn’t be quite as long as we didn’t really do as much, it was all the holiday gatherings that made this crazy long).  I’ll also be posting an Elf on the Shelf for Toddlers post soon featuring Elf’s adventures last December!


Sorry for my Absence…

I know there is no reason good enough for not posting much or anything for almost two months now.  I realize that you all are missing out on my weekly updates and what all we’ve been doing.  And I’m sorry for that. But I like to think my reasoning is fairly good.  Hope you agree!

We have good news.  We’re expecting our second little bundle of joy in June, I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant.  So while I really wanted to blog these last two months, sleep won out.  All I’ve wanted to do is sleep ALL the time (I think it’s getting better, I hope).  I think they really mean it when they say that you forget things about stuff like this. I mean I remember pain here and there.  I remember things hurting and being tired.  But until something happens again or I read about it in my journal, I seem to have blocked out so many things about the little mans pregnancy.  Probably a good thing as I was miserable!  He’s worth it.  This one is worth it.  I just as you to bear with me as I try to navigate through my tiredness and pain, not to mention getting the house ready for a second little one.